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Dazed Muzic

Underground dance music

Bringing Underground Dance Music to the Forefront

Dazed, the leading source for underground dance music, showcases both upcoming and established artists and brands in the industry. From house, bass, garage and DNB, their humble beginnings in Bristol have led to events across multiple cities in the UK, and even internationally. Dazed has become a regular presence at festivals and clubs worldwide, and is known for hosting some of the biggest names in the underground music scene.

In an effort to reach their wide audience of bass-lovers, Dazed approached us to revamp their online presence. The goal was to create a space that would advertise events, sell tickets, and promote their latest label releases. It was important that the site appeal to the energetic and passionate crowd, while maintaining the brand's integrity of hosting large acts.

Creating a ‘bass’ for Dazed

We created a new site that is bold, dynamic, and exciting, with the use of bold caps titles that endlessly move across the screen in two styles (filled and outlines) for immediate interest. To create an interactive element, we designed a working record player that plays the mix of the week when clicked. The Dazed site is easy to manage, with fully custom design and menu animations.

It is impactful and straightforward, making it the perfect fit for the attention spans of the modern age. With this new design, Dazed brings underground dance music to the forefront, showcasing its talent and passion to a wider audience.