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None of us is as good as all of us

None of us is as good as all of us

Coalition aren’t just a talent agency, they’re connoisseurs of entertainment. They represent some of the best artists and brands in the industry, and deliver dynamic shows with a passionate team. From ideation through to creation, their outstanding events deliver good times and memories that last a lifetime. 

Staying ahead of the game in the events industry is both a constant challenge and a necessity. We were approached to craft a new, exciting brand - one that makes a bold statement and turns heads. 

The brand is in the community

When approaching this project, we were mindful of the passion the owner had for the infinity symbol and its legacy. It has a significance over and above its mathematical meaning, symbolising how everything flows together in unity, for eternity. Here, we’ve used it to represent what happens when artists and audience meet – creating that magnificent microcosm of energy and excitement. 

The key was to keep the essence of this in a logo that had its own personality and spoke with its own voice. 

The concept is built around people. From artists and teams to crowds and remote audiences, the formation of bright circles symbolises the energy and experience of each. The infinity symbol remains, but as a unique identifier, synonymous with Coalition.

The use of statement colours – fluorescent coral against dark grey – gives a striking first impression, followed up by contrasting bold and compressed type, for a visual one-two that will turn heads and catch eyes. 

We followed up with a brand package including guidelines and tone of voice documents, to bring it all together and ensure the continued and coherent roll-out of a new, unified brand.