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Rebel Book Club

From book smart to look smart

From book smart to look smart

Rebel Book Club is more than just a book club. It’s a unique community connecting curious minds and rekindling their love of non-fiction. They have a global community of lifelong learners and have helped thousands of people to pick up books and take up reading. 

I met one of the founders at an event held by a mutual client, and we clicked immediately. Soon, the conversation turned to the Rebel Book Club, its rapid growth and need for a brand makeover. 

Find the central character

Community and action are personal responses, and we wanted to keep this feel central to the new look. There was a fondness for the existing logo, and it had served them well up to a point, but its commonly used free font, gave the brand no character to call its own. 

We worked with Charlotte Akers to craft an entirely new, bespoke typeface design. Unique to the brand and beautifully hand-crafted, it creates a sense of real human interaction – the cornerstone of Rebel book Club. Coupled with some delightfully dusty colours and a second script typeface acting as hand-written notes, these new elements combine to create a sense of personality with a human touch.