The New Meat Project


From field to fork

The New Meat Project is on a mission to change the way we buy our meat. They're an online butcher providing premium produce at a price that’s fair for consumers and farmers alike. That means stepping away from industrialised food supplies to support small-scale, family-run farms, producing delicious food using traditional, sustainable practices that are better for us and the health of the planet.

Disrupting the industry - crafting change

Working alongside founders Sushila and James, we created a bold and unconventional brand, designed to embody and drive change. Choosing a style not normally associated with the industry, we used bright colours and arresting typography to create a powerful design that draws attention then captures the eye.

The use of texture and hand-crafted effects grounds the design in the artisanal and provides the perfect backdrop for the brand to reflect its personality while confounding expectations and disrupting the industry.

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