TVL – Trade Vehicle Locks

Brand Identity / Stationary / Vehicle Graphics

Designing by principal.

Trade Vehicle Locks are one of the country’s premier security companies. Renowned for their professionalism and innovation in their field, this pioneering brand looked for an identity that represented them and their values entirely. Fueled by deep insight and principals, we created a bold and true design that encapsulated trust, excellence and innovation.

As with all Electric Mustard projects our first port of call was research. We collaborated closely with the TVL team to get to grips with what they were really about. Face-to-face meetings and market research unveiled a brand defined by its forward thinking and passion for giving their customers peace of mind.

In a bid to create a distinctive, concise presence we shortened this somewhat lengthy name to ‘TVL’. Paired with a simple and strong locking emblem, this identity became synonymous with clarity and professionalism. A palette of grey and orange allowed us to highlight the ‘lock’ language and present a visually and metaphorically bold identity.