Cake Artists Management

Branding / Website

Crafting character.

A strong visual theme or image can be a blessing or a burden, it all depends on utilisation and understanding. Our collaboration with renowned artist management company Cake Artist Management explored that very idea.

Playful, bold and recognisable, Cake already had a strong and dedicated personality prior to our pairing. When we were asked to create a visual identity that could be used across a range of media our first task was to balance and refine the company’s energetic, playful tone. Their signature Cake imagery was strong in style but we aimed to give it the weight it needed to be a solid visual asset.

We worked to maintain Cake’s quirky edge and personality. Instead of rely too heavily on the typical Cake motif, we aimed to weave it into the visual ID in a meaningful, rooted way. Colour played a key role in representing character and embodying a fun loving persona, an aspect that worked perfectly on the newly crafted website. Familiar, fun and on-brand.